Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I havent posted all year!

I know I said I'd spare you but I couldn't resist. I'll stop now. I did the second day of the second quarter at college today. The second day is the first real day. The first day is mostly intro. Unless you have my Chinese teacher who is VERY (I repeat: VERY) frugal with her 50 minutes and just gets started right away. Which is really fine because it's all the same people and we know how every thing works. And she's the best Chinese teacher I've ever had. So this quarter I am taking the second level of two classes took last quarter (humanities and Chinese) and one new class. One very scary new class: MATH. And you guys know how I am with math. Well, some of you do. Today was nice and easy, and the class shouldn't be too terrible. But I will never be able to relax in that class. I found out today that the teacher calls up students TO THE BOARD. And someday (unless I can somehow avoid it for an entire quarter) I will called up to the board. And even if I know exactly what to do I know it won't come out right. That sounds kinda silly but I've had experience. In Chinese class we memorize dialogues and recite them in front of the class. And even if I have it down perfectly it never comes out as smooth as it is in my head. And I'm fairly good at memorizing.  It's the whole "having-people-watch-me" thing. I don't even like people looking over my shoulder while I'm drawing or sewing or anything!And do not tell me to just  "relax" cuz I can't. Ask Gailyn about swim class. Sorry guys, I'll be done with the pit-party in a minute. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Ok, I'm done now. So. I'm not huge on New years resolutions, but I think I have a couple. One is to have what Mykah knows as a "happy face". As in not grouchy. Even if it's fake. I see lotsa grouchy people at school. Theres this one girl (with HOT pink hair, I might add) I see all the time and she always has this smug little grimace on her face. It's nasty. Maybe the fact that Mrs. Mitchler always has a smile on her face is part of why I like her so much. She's just always happy :) And she waves at you passing you in the hall. She has at least  a couple classes of at least 35 people and she recognizes you and even remembers your name. Any-who. #2 kinda goes with #1. In a class I had last quarter the teacher would take attendance and you were supposed to say something that you were happy, glad or grateful for. I think it was really good to think about something to be happy about every day. So that's my other one. And now Pappa needs the computer so I'll wrap it up with a random picture.
Yep. That's Mykah.
Be thankful,

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