Monday, January 10, 2011

wordless wednesday early, plus words

I had Brandi over for the day a few weeks ago (you may recall my "slight excitement") and we took several billion pictures. After MUCH deliberation I have narrowed it down to 17 photos to put up. Let the downloading begin!

Thar she is...youre gonna have to tilt your head on some of these. I dont know how to rotate them on the blogger. And theres no way I'm reloading them all.
There's the  view of the pond from the top of the 235 ft. drop. Yes, I measured. No not really.
Theres the veiw of the valley from the top of the other cliff. We did climb down this one, but I  forgot to measure.
It was a little windy...
We found several of these little guys. And chased them in 500 below zero water.
I love water falls! I wish there was a sound byte I could attatch to this so you can get the full effect...shoulda taken a video...
Aaaand forgot to zoom out...
Isn't that awesome? I love it. Photography by Brandi :)
And then we found some machinery...yeeeah.
Hey look! It's my shadow!
"Is it unlocked? It is!" This is the one with a horn in it. Did you know cats have horns? I didnt. Now I do.
Awww theres sweet lil Sophie Sugar Cookie Fattie-pattie Adamou. That's her full name.
Fyi those are hot-chocolate-with-homemade-whipcream-mustaches.
That is an awesome game called headbanz. And in case you can't tell, Brandi is a toaster. Don't worry, I was a rhino.
 Be thankful (that you're not a rhino),

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