Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yes, I'm still alive

It's just that school has But now, finals are OVER and I have a week off!! I'm off to a great start with the weekend I'm about to relate.

   So Friday night we had a focus at the Briggs. That went quite well. They have a trampoline and I tested to make sure I could still do a flip. I can(I wish I had a camera to prove it!!). For dinner we had sloppy joe's and sloppy dogs. That's the same as a chili dog but with a better name. For dessert there was a peanut butter-chocolate cheese cake with mini reeses cups. The name of the creator of this has been censored to protect the innocent. Just kidding, it was Levi. He's not innocent. He is in fact guilty of making a disgustingly delicious cake. Don't worry, he didn't get that either.
   Momma came up with some very interesting games. My absolute fav was actually not much of game...more like fantastic entertainment. As long, that is, as you were not the one playing the game. Yeah. It was one of those. (Evil chuckle). You can have as many or as few pairs of people as you want. We happened to have two. One of which was Lindsey and her buddy Beth. If you don't know Lindsey, I'll just say this: not only is she blonde, but she's BLONDE. If you know one of these, you understand. If not....nevermind, just read.
   So, Lindsey had to be Beth's arms and feed her, brush her teeth and comb her hair. She was blind folded. Oh, how I wish some one had taken a video of  this!! My gut hurt from laughing and I had tears comin' down. You know, in a good way. The first part was feeding your partner. Lindsey thought it was a race, so she was CRAMMING zingers in Beth's mouth. Then she had to brush her teeth. And she did that. Beth had very clean teeth...and ears, hair, face in general. Ahh...the minty just-brushed feeling. Everywhere. The hairbrushing went the smoothest since Beth had her hair in a pony tail. Yes, that was my favorite. Then we had guys vs. girls taboo tournament. Girls won. I know you assumed that, but I just thought I'd clarify in case you had any doubts. The score was 45 to 64. Levi complained that the guys were heavily out numbered. We had two more than them, one of which ( I wont mention names) kept helping the guys! (Some of) the problem was that most of the guy team went to the kitchen for root beer floats in the middle of the game. So, be quiet, Levi.
Yep, it was another great focus.

  This morning, I went with Gailyn and Emily to a chicken/duck/goose/cow/horse/ show at a weekend fair a couple of hours away. We were obviously in for the ride to see the horses. It took us a little while to find them because we're girls (plus it was at the completely opposite end of the grounds-yes, that's my only excuse) and it wasn't a thrilling show, but it was nice to smell horse. And it was a paint show. Horses are beautiful. And funny. We broke for lunch at a place called (you ready for this?) the Blue Fire Mongolian Grill. It was AWESOME. If it wasn't two hours away I would totally go there for my birthday date. You fill a bowl with whatever stuff you want. There were noodles of different types, veggies, fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, pork, sheep, jalapenos and such, all cold. You can drench or sprinkle it all with garlic water, ginger water, sesame water, terryaki (or however you spell it...) water. You hand it to a guy behind the counter and he dumps it on a huge griddle and frys it up. Add a scoop of rice with your choice of sauce, and you have an amazing meal. Yeah, I loved it.
   Outside the indoor arena, there were a couple big trees blooming fluffy pink.We had some fun taking pictures together with that, and soaked up the rare sunshine. I just hope it lasts another day. It would lovely to have some sun on a Sunday.

Be thankful (for sunshine),

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