Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let it begin!!

So, I always check my dashboard to see if the blogs I follow have any recent posts and I was getting kind of huffy last week because they weren't posting as often as I wanted them to. Then I realised I hadn't posted in a while either. Well, at the time I was recovering from the busiest week in my college life so far. So I didn't exactly repent and write a new post, though I have been wanting to post some more of those chalk pictures, cuz they're AMAZING. But they take a while to upload. So I kinda haven't gotten around to that yet. Maybe I will sometime when I don't have anything inspirational like I usually do (JUST KIDDING.). But back to my original thought which I still haven't revealed, but I wanted to reveal yesterday. I'm always late. Except when it comes to meals. And bedtime. I'm rarely late for bed. Actually there's not a whole lot I'm  usually late for. Except timing with blog posts. I wanted to post yesterday because it was the first of November. And you know what comes with November??? THANKSGIVING!! I want you to know that this is Joseph Anderson's (Floridian, PNG missionary, my uncle etc.) favorite holiday.
So I was thinking, why wait for the Day-Of to talk about being thankful? Don't I sign every post "Be thankful"? So let's make a little bigger of a deal out of this and start right now.

So I have this list of things I love. It's getting longer all the time as I remember things to record. It started on my window, written with these super cool window crayons that Emma let me borrow. Then the words started to kind of deteriorating after the first three weeks. So I quick wrote 'em down, cuz I liked seeing and being reminded of those awesome things I love all the time. And I keep thinking of more things I love.  And you know what? I'm thankful for those things I love. SO. Have you figured it out yet? Do ya know what I'm gonna write about the next few...(weeks? months? however long it takes to finish the list)? The Things I LOVE/ Things I'm Thankful For list! And I'll start right now. Yep, all the above was just the intro.
Thing #1
Fresh tomatoes!
Please keep in mind this list is not in order of significance.
 I love these things. I love their taste, I love their smell, I love their look. Garden grown are the best. Store bought aren't necessarily bad, but anything homegrown is just...better. And BLT's are the only sandwich that includes meat, fruit and vegetable!Although if need be, I can totally skip the bacon and lettuce and just do lightly toasted bread, mayonnaise, and fresh garden tomato slices with a dusting of Crazy Jane's Mixed-up Seasoning (other wise known as crazy salt). This is quite the fruit, and it's thought of as a vegetable! Chances are, even if you don't like them raw, you love one of their products: spaghetti, salsa, ketchup, lasagna, soup, etc.
The world just wouldn't be the same without them.  Thankyou Lord!

Aaaaaand that's all the time we have tonight. I probably wont have time for a post tomorrow, but if you're lucky, maybe during the weekend. MAYBE.

Be thankful,


Joanna said...

How did I know that your #1 thankful thing would be a food? :) And I'll get to work on a blog post ASAP! Which means...As soon as life slows down a bit...

Sarah said...

HEY! Didn't I say that this list is not in order of significance?? Yes, as a matter of fact, I believe I did. ;)