Monday, January 9, 2012

Came my way:

I got an award! From KayleeBeth @ Life From My View


1.) Link back to the person who gave you the award.

2.) Complete the form below

3.) Award other blogs. Let them know in a comment/e-mail that they have been awarded

4.) Share seven random things about yourself


1.) Name your favorite song.
(At the moment:) Arise My Soul Arise 
2.) Favorite Dessert
(ONE?) Mrs. Bailey's Eclair Cake
3.) What makes you angry
4.) When you're upset
I bite.
5.) What's your favorite pet
To own? A horse. THAT I own? Our dog Sophie
6.) Black or White
7.) Biggest fear
Change/The Unkown 

8.) Everyday attitude
All depends on how I start it...
9.) What is perfection
Jesus Christ: Other than Him, it doesn't exist
10.) Guilty pleasure

Seven Random Thing About Moi!

1. I'm a climber. Literally. I love it! Rock wall, tree's, mountains, the walls etc.

2. My closet is on the back of my door. 

3.  Rubber boots are the best... next to flip flops!

4. I have been to two  other countries (Papua New Guinea and Australia)

5. I talk to myself. 

6.  Peanutbutter and chocolate were created by God to make up for cauliflower

7. I didn't think it would be this hard to talk about myself (usually not a problem)!
I would like to present this award to:
Sunny @ A Beautiful Mess
Be thankful,


Sunny Jane said...

You sweet girl! If you were here I'd kiss you on the lips... or maybe just a hug:)

Sarah said...

WHooooot! Sunny Jane commented on my blooooog! As of now I am officially AWESOME. Oh, by the way, I'll take the kiss AND the hug :D

Sunny Jane said...

Look, I commented again!
Now you're twice as awesome:)

Sarah said...

WOW!! I dont know if I can handle're awesome, Sunny!