Monday, January 16, 2012

Since we last met:

I know we've met since Christmas, but just humour me here.
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tony introduced me to a new friend:

College is a much nicer place with this guy! The other day I was eating lunch in the cafeteria (aka the loud place where obnoxious and weird people frequent). I had a solid twenty minutes of hearing no cussing, nasty music or obscene conversations. It. Was. Lovely. I can't say being in your own little bubble 24/7 is a good thing in general, but in this case, it is very much craved.

And a little later ( last week to be precise..kind of...I guess "last week" isnt very precise...anyway...what were we talking about?) I got my neocube in the mail! That would be this thingy-ma-doo:
It's a cube of magnets that can be pulled apart and stuck back together and put into different patterns and designs. Here is a basic video that show's what it can do. And here's a couple of the things I've learned to do:

This one can be turned into a ball if properly handled...

And those are just a FEW of the many things you can to with a neocube. That's mostly been what I've been spending my freetime doing. Yes, I did say FREEtime. College is still slow enough to allow it. I say thankyou and savor it while it's here.

We got snow and I have some more pictures and such but I shall save them for another post when I'm low on blogging material ;)

Be thankful,

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