Saturday, January 21, 2012

This week's adventures:

First of all, I think you should know that THIS week's adventures did NOT include one iota of school. Know why?
Cuz there was too much SNOW!!!!

And after that was frozen slush and freezing rain and power-outages and trees on the road among various other hinderances to what the state calls "education"
Fine by me!

All I had to do to keep up was read part of the Bhagavad Gita (not recommended) and draw a picture for a speech ( I drew my deodorant).
So I have had a pretty good week.
And I tried and tried to load a video of us sledding since that's what we spent the majority of our time doing...that and hiking up there. BUT IT WOULD NOT LOAD! So I'll have to try again later...

How did we get so much snow? Well it doesnt happen often, but it all started like this:

Then it REALLY started blowing.....

Till it got like this:

Then came the freezing rain (prepare yourself for a barage):

Yeah, so that was my frosticle week. I have a TON more pictures but dont want to put them all up (blogger is being cranky).
Okay.....I think I'm done....Oh!!
Except for this homeade commercial (if THIS one will work):

Be thankful,


Anonymous said...

Haha! i love that video!!
we got just about that much snow . . . maybe more ;)

Sarah said...

yeah, I think y'all had more..the most we had was 20 inches...I hear that's a regular over in your area. It was a record here!

Anonymous said...

Lol yeah we had bout three or maybe four feet. . . . But it is all melting now :( I should have taken pics