Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 6,423, or something like that.

With that title, I could be wrong.

It's happened before.

Plus, I'm not a math person. Math had WAY too many details. I don't get any credit for understanding the concept of it, I have to DO it correctly too. And there's no room for mistakes! I only have to mess up on oooooone little digit and the answer to the problem is WRONG.
It's not very forgiving.
Not that I'm against math, it's very helpful in this intelligently designed world. I suppose it's a necessary evil.

But that's not what I wanted to tell ya about. That was a bonus. No extra charge. (Lucky you!)

Several things have happened since we last spoke:

1. I gave a "show n' tell" speech at school about the bilum (string bag) I got from Benedicta in Papua New Guinea, and I got a score of 99 on it! That is fantastic, in case you were wondering.

2. I got senior pictures done. For FREEEEEEEEE! (name that movie)!! It just so happened that my Mom's cousin's wife's mom (it's really not that complicated if you think about it)happens to be a proffesional photographer and was visiting. She did a TON of family pictures for us, for my Aunt and Uncle, in addition to my senior pictures!
We (SHE) took pictures All. Stinkin'. Day.
One thing I learned that day is that I will never (not that the thought had entered my mind heretofore) pursue a modeling career of any kind. Posing gets really old really fast.
The pictures did turn out though, and I'll post a favorite when we get them back.

3. I (or WE rather) finally gave our group presentation on salmon farms.
It really wasn't a super hard project or anything, but I hate dislike do not relish getting up and talking in front of people. Not because I have nothing to say, I just dont like getting nervous.
I've tried most of the tricks in the book, and I always prepare, but I always get nervous at some point. So the thing with this presentation was how far in advance I knew about it, thought about it, and worked on it. The more time I have, the more time I have to generate and build up nervousness. So the morning of the presentation I ate nothing, and was pretty much queasy up until I actually GOT in front of the class and said my piece.
 And as soon as I started talking, I was fine.
It's funny, because I've talked in front at my church, where I know everyone and am very comfortable, and it's the other way around.
I am perfectly fine until I get up there.
Then my hands start shaking, my mouth goes dry and my voice changes.
Go figure.
Also, this was the first group project where we had a slacker. I know, I'm sheltered.
But, hey, three good workers out of four is not too bad.
And I learned about leadership and communication in addition to salmon farms.

Anyway, I said all that to say this: It's over now, and I'm glad.

4. Last, but not least, I spent the weekend with a dear buddy.
I came over to help make noise. Because her house was unnaturally quiet. This was because her parents were gone on their anniversary, and she was all alone. We really didnt do a whole lot. Which is very uncharacteristic (is that an adjective?) of visits with this buddy. Lets see.
We took care of her animals ( three horses, three goats, chickens, a bunny, two cats, a dog and a bird of some type), we discussed many things, I cooked, she cleaned up after me, I got to curl her long, beautiful hair twice, and we watched old musicals.
Ever seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? It's pretty funny.
Oh, and we tidied up the house before her parents got back.
Except they got back before we were done. But it was ok, because two people are sooooo much easier to clean up after than five. Or seven, depending who's family you're talking about.
AND, (drum roll please!) I got a sarong! Cuz, guess what. Her parents had their anniversary in Hawaii! And her mom brought back several to choose from.
And she let me pick one out too.
 And I am currently wearing it as a shawl.
Because I lack a tropical beach.

I guess I'll just have to go back to that beach.

Be Thankful, Sarah


Joanna said...

haha. Love it, Sarah. I am SO grateful you came over! It was wonderful :) Hope I didn't bore you. I enjoyed your company! Love ya

Sarah said...

Bored? Ehh not really. More like relaxed. Lol, I really did enjoy myself! Love you! :)