Tuesday, February 28, 2012

what would you think if:

I've been thinking...

...I have been known to do it occasionally...

What if I started another blog, with the purpose of digging deeper into the Bible?
Because one of the best ways to learn is to teach.
Because accountability promotes consistency in responsibility. As in, I will feel more obligated to be consistent in my Bible reading if I know someone is waiting for me to say something.
Because when Preacher says something that convicts me, I'll remember it better if I tell someone about it.
Because sometimes I have serious things to say. I need to use my journal, not my doodle pad.
Because I want to get deeper in God's Word.
Ok, I convinced myself. I'm gonna start one.
You know, I dont like my literature class a whole lot, but the way I learned to look deeper at what I just read and think about it is probably one of the most useful things I have learned in five quarters of college.
I have to do this in order to complete the homework, but what if I read the Bible that way more? Most of the time when I read something I don’t understand, I just think, Oh well, I can't ever understand everything in the Bible. It's in-exhaustible  
And I'm right.
I can’t ever understand everything there is to understand in the Bible.
But does that mean I shouldn’t even try?
I should at least dig a little, compare scripture with scripture, and make an EFFORT to understand what the Lord is saying.
So. I think I'll be including SRQ's.
That stands for Study Response Question.
We have to come up with one every day in my literature class. We read, find something to ask a question about, and send it in with what we think might be a possible solution to the question.
And that's where I would like people to come in and share what they think, based on scripture.
So what do ya think?

Be Thankful, Sarah


Jeri said...

I think you should do it!!! It's a great idea!!!!

Sarah said...

I did it:) THere's a link on the sidebar. Look for the picture of the shovel and click. I have a couple posts now too!