Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beware: weirdness ahead!

What is it about sunshine?
Why does it make everything WONDERFUL?
People, I have had a pounding headache for most of the day, but the sun was out, the skies were blue, and life seemed good, in a pounding kind of way.
What IS that??
Does vitamin D do something to the mood-producing part of our brains??
With school  and all (in other words, school) I haven't been able to soak up hardly any rays during the week.
You see, it seems Spring decided to show its face on time this year. Then again, maybe I shouldn't say that out loud....
And I was pretty sad that I was missing it.
Next week is the last week before finals week and then there's this thing called Spring break! There ARE benefits to not being homeschooled (we never got that as homeschoolers).
So, yeah, I'll have a break from school soon...right in time for "April showers".

Oooooh, do I sense a little pessimism, Sarah??
Yeah, maybe a would be too if you were missing all the sunshine!
Hey, whiny, youre NOT missing it. You're just grouching 'cause you don't get to do what you WANT in the sunshine.
RIght! Like I said: I'm missing it!
Psh! Quit complaining, get your work done and you can go climb your tree and whatever! Plus, after this comes Spring Quarter! You know what that means: Going to school WITH NO COAT. And if you look a little farther ahead, you will see summer: the ultimate time of sunshine! So. Are you done?
What? You think it's weird that I talk to myself on my blog? Well, someone's gotta keep me in line!

For, lo,  the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;
Song of Solomon 2:11

Be Thankful, Sarah


DJ Wilson said...

Seriously! It's sunny here in Oregon and my school's energy has gone from a 3/10 to a 12/10 haha

I cannot wait for summer! Life seems so much easier then.

Sarah said...

I guess God just wired our brains to respond to sunlight...