Friday, September 14, 2012

I guess I'm just a Nor' wester....

We have been having a delightful little Indian summer in my corner of the world.

So a couple weeks ago, when the weatherman promised temps above 80, my family and I joined up with two other families we are friends with and decided to hit the beach!
 When we arrived around 10:30 or so, it was still a little crisp out, but I figured the sun would burn the chill off soon. I went for a nice little jog to warm up while I was waiting.

That jog was the only warmth I got out of the beach that day.

I did take millions of pictures of the beautiful waves and sea foam...while the sun was actually still OUT.

I'll share a couple, so as not to over whelm you...Ok, just a warning, it might be more than a couple.

And it might not be just waves.


Sick of them yet?
Jumping waves...and crashing!
Doesnt he look like he's JUST about  fall???
That cuz he was. Don't worry, sand is very forgiving from that height.
 I wanted you to notice the sky in that picture.
 That is not the best sky to visit the beach under.

This is where I stopped running around taking pictures, and sat down, huddled on a log and continued to take pictures.
Some people managed to continue moving around...

 There's lots more..
After lunch we went to Westport for Granny Hazels...
This has  been said to be the worlds best salt water taffy.
Dont quote me or anything though. I've never actually had the stuff.
 They had these crazyawesomegeodes!
This one was Leah's favorite...Only able to be fully appreciated if you're a rock hound!!
Um, I dont really have anything to say about this one...

The view from Granny Hazels...
We went down here ... get some fish!
But not these ones...
Would ya believe some of those guys are king salmon??

 With all our cutting-edge technology...
...we still can't replace good ol' rope.
A sea lion came to visit!
Apparently these guys can be pretty aggressive because he was getting pretty close and we were advised to leave the dock area.
So we went to a different one and saw this:
After one more attempt at the beach visit thing, we brought our friends home for a dinner of fresh  tuna and gourmet hotdogs.
And I slept happily ever after. The end.
Be Thankful, Sarah

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