Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hi, my name is__________ and I now have a blog!

Hellooooooo out there!! Hi yall! So. This being my very first blog post EVER, it will be introductory. I'm pretty sure those who read this will be those who know me, so we wont get into that quite yet.
   I named my blog "Doodle Pad" (in case you couldnt tell). You know how artists have a doodle pad they scribble on before they go produce a master piece? Well I'm not an artist strictly speaking but I like to write. And I may never produce a master piece but doodling is always fun. So don't expect anything spectacular. This is just my doodle pad.
   Ok, also dont expect to see somethin' new every day. I doubt I will keep it up that regularly, though maybe for a little at first. Anyway, thats all for now!

            Be thankful,
ps. I got that signing out idea from another blog. I didnt come up with it, but I thought it was THE coolest thing so I stole it. :)

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