Monday, December 27, 2010

In which I shall include many random things :)

Okay, I don't have much to say but I need to put up a post every so often. So I shall proceed to post some fun random pictures.
This was on the way to a preaching conference in MT. Ever heard o' John Haveman? It was at his church.
 This is what my house looks like from the top of a tree. ooh! Here's a video of us sledding at the "dunes" that one year we got a bunch of snow! This is bringing back some great memories!
This is when Gailyn and I saw Secretariat in  theatres. Great movie and true/amazing story! The true stories are always the best.
That is Uncle Joey balancing Mykah on his hand when she was little. Little-er. Yeah. That.
Alrighty, it's a quarter to 10 and I'm supposed to be in bed. So lets wrap it up with a blonde joke( I've wanted to do this for a looong time).
So there were three hunters camping in the woods: a red head, a brunette and a blonde. The first day, the red head goes out and comes back in the evening with a huge bear. The other two go " whoa! How'da get that trophy bear?!" And the red head says " Saw tracks, followed tracks, found bear." So the next day the brunette goes out and comes back in the evening with a prize elk. The other two are all " wow! How'd you get that elk?!" And the brunette says "Saw tracks, followed tracks, found elk." Then the blonde goes out. But he doesn't come back for two days. When he finally stumbles back into camp, he's limping, has a black eye, a broken arm and other numerous injuries. The other two are like "Dude! What happened to you?!" He says "Saw tracks, followed tracks, found train"
Be thankful,

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