Friday, January 21, 2011

Tid-bit day

And here is where the spaces between posts really start fluctuating. Sometimes I have time and sometimes there's just no way I can sqeeze in blog-time. Sqeeze. Somethings wrong here...ah! Squeeze! See the condition of my brain? Maybe I shouldn't be blogging anyway....

So. Today is tid-bit day (see title). And, for the first time, I finally have my OWN quotes! And some other stuff that I didn't come up with.
 Brandi had invented a few amazing words I wanted to borrow. Two, in fact. One of which I cannot REMEMBER! *Ahem* So, the one I can remember is: Sarah-casm. Oh yeah baby. Aaannd sometime I will tell you what the other one was...OK! Now. My quotes.
 Number uno:
Don't cross your fingers, fold you hands. And also,
If math is exercise for  your brain, then when this is over my brain will be like Pop-eye's arms!

Yep. Ok I'm done now. I'm baby-sitting and I need to make sure they don't do anything horrific while watching Meet the Robinsons. Also, Aunt Amy just signed in, soooooooo... I need to make sure she doesnt want to talk or anything.  :)

          Be thankful,

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