Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I just want you to know that Sunday I had a spare moment before evening services at church and used Dad's laptop to type out a rather nice blog post (If I do say so myself) and had it all ready to go. Well, I won't be using Dad's laptop anymore cuz  I bumped some weird button or something and backspaced the whole thing.
 Yesterday was President's Day. Did you know that? I did. And I took the opportunity to have Gailyn over Sunday night. We haven't had a sleep over since............quite a while. We were gonna watch Becoming Jane which is about Jane Austen,  but the first time I saw it, Mom had gotten it at the library and whadaya know, the library isn't open on Sundays. Sooooo Mrs Vestal let us borrow a bunch of movies (thankyou Mrs. Vestal!!!!) and we watched Emma (a movie on a book written by Jane Austen, in case you were not familar with that fact). So we had fuuuun.  :) We stayed up pretty late and took a nap in the morning. That is the way to do it. 
Saturday we had a teen night. We went to thorbeks and played LASER TAG.
 It. was. Awesome.
I had played before at Bowinkles and it was fun, but at thorbecks.......it's very much awesome. Rebekah and I were the only girls, which actually kind of make it nice. We didn't have to be nice, but when we lost horribly, we had a valid excuse. Levi and I were going at it. Did I mention it was awesome?
Be thankful(for laser tag!!),

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