Friday, February 4, 2011

Mother's true nature revealed....

I have a follower!! I love you Gailyn. You are now on my best friend list. Oh wait, you already are!
So what does tha mean, technically? Anybody know? Just curious...

Did you know yesterday was the Chinese new year? Yep, year of the rabbit.
Oh, you think they're cute? Ha. Check out THIS bad boy (/girl). -

Cute is NOT the word here. Hideous, monstrous, killer bunny, Goliath, were-rabbit et cetera, take your pick.

Any way, back from my bunny trail (haha! GET it? BUNNY trail??) I'm taking a Chinese class at college and our teacher (insert cute little Chinese lady here) wants us all to go this Chinese festival for the new year. There will be a huge banquet (FOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!) and stuff so it sounded fine. Then we started learning this Chinese song in class and soon learned that we as a class would be performing this song AT THE HUGE BANQUET. I was thinking  "Phew! It's on a Saturday night from 5 to 9, and that is just a bad time for us so we're probably not going. I might be able to have time, but Dad wouldn't be able to take me over there and Mom wouldn't want me to car-pool with people she's never met." So the last week or two as we were practicing I'm participating and thinking how glad I am I won't have to do this. We don't sound very good. At ALL. And we all mumble. I had mentioned it to Mom and Dad and they didn't seem to pay much attention. Then at the beginning of this week I was humming it or something and I must have slipped and sung a bar or two cuz somehow ( it all happened rather fast) Momma discovered I didn't want to do it and remembered how she loved to see me squirm ( those were her exact words, I'm not exaggerating). She decided we could work in the morning and be able to go to it. I made the mistake of telling Dad about it (trying to see if he would not want to go) and the (ahem) banquet part slipped out.
So now, it's friday night. And tomorrow night I will be "singing" a Chinese song with my class in front of LOTS of folks. And guess what. We are singing after all the cute little kids. Then they get to hear the mumbly Chinese students from the college. Lovely.  I have sung before when it wasn't amazing or anything but that was for church. It didn't matter so much because the point was to glorify God. This isn't to glorify the Lord. It's cuz my teacher is overly optimistic and because Momma likes to see me squirm. *sigh*

To end on a happy note, here's a hilarious video :)


Anonymous said...

Just helping you get outside you SAFE box. And because I LOVE YOU:)

Sarah said...

I least the food was good. I love you too Momma. <3