Monday, February 7, 2011

It seems I have survived the Chinese thing. Although "I wouldn't admit it in a thousand years", there were some non-bad parts to it( but I can't say the "g" word). The food was quite authentic-in a good way. You go through the line of all these vegetable and meat dishes, noodles and fresh clams, and low and behold the pizza box. That cracked me up! "Oh yes, Chinese food vel-y good, but in case wimpy white puh-son no like, we accomodate evy-one." 
They had some very cute little boys doing kung fu or something and it was ADORABLE. Rebekah got some pictures which I will hopefully get up eventually.

Our "song" was second to last. It would have been soooo much better (almost FUN in fact) if I wasn't dreading it the whole time! But it was so loud in there no one heard us, so it didn't matter...and I here something...what is that? Oh! it's my pillow calling. Gotta go :)
Be thankful,

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