Monday, February 14, 2011

Long time no see

I promise every night I think "Maybe tomorrow I'll have time for a blog post...". Or maybe I'm just flattering myself and no one is even reading this. Or maybe its just Gailyn. I don't knooooow. Aaaany-who.
We had our annual Salvation Sunday this Sunday. It may have been the last time Bro. Blue preached for us. But he still  did a great job! I wish I knew how to give you a link to listen to him. Maybe some day I'll figure it out. I invited (pause while I count on one hand) five people to come from the college. I had a  "yes", two "probably's", a "maybe" and a "no". Aaaaand none of them came. Huff. But that it OK! Because twelve people raised their hands for salvation and (I'm not sure how many) came forward! And the cheesy potatos were YUMMY. Not to put down the green beans with bacon or the BBQ chicken and tri tips but the potatos were....YUMMY. Thats just the best way to put it. Also, somebody made a special dessert for the kitchen help. It was layers of chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, coolwhip and crushed heath bar. Oh BABY. Words cannot describe....I hope you can understand. If not, I pity you. So. That was the Sunday.
Today: Actually lets skip back to Thursday. I like my math teacher. She thinks out side the box. She likes holidays. And she said she would replace our lowest quiz score with a hundred if we would bring every one in the class (including herself) a Valentine. And there are six girls out of twenty-eight students. So that was  a little awkward in theory (in other words I thought it would be awkward) but it wasnt. I had Madagascar penguins Valentines. :)    :D So in a round about way, that was today.

Know what Dad got Mom for Valentines Day? Lobster tail. Isn't that sweet? I hope when I'm married, my husband is as smart as my Dad is.
Mmmm, I'm thinking that's about it, so I shall say goodbye. And this cute little girl will blow you a kiss for me.
Be thankful,

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