Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The beginging of the end. Except it's not actually the end, it's just the half-waymark with a huge, adventure-filled break in between.

Aaaaand I'm pretty sure that's the longest blog title I ever did.
Well, the break is over. But it was nice and refreshing. I finshed it off with a much over-due visit to Brandi's. It was GREAT. Gailyn, Hailey, Levi and I spent the afternoon together. Sassy is probably prego(that's Brandi's horse in case you were wondering) and we gave her a little (VERY little) workout in circles in the yard. I even got to jump her...kind of. It was over a log about 10 inches high, and the first time she just stepped over it. But then I did it again and she JUMPED. So that was cool. Mrs Willson's spaghetti is very good, but Mommy's is still THE BEST. If you've never had my Mommy's you'll just have to try to imagine it. I won't discourage you by admiting that it's not really possible to imagine such amazing-ness.

So any who, I started this post a few days ago and never finished it. That was the first day of the spring quarter. I'm thinking this is gonna be a good quarter. Out of my three classes, two of them are with one of my bestest buds Gailyn aka my partner in crime! We have black and white photography together and (thank the Lord!) socio-cultrual anthropology. Photography is gonna be fun! I have a roll of film to shoot over the weekend with the theme of hands. I have a bunch of great ideas and I'm looking forward to it! I wonder if I can somehow get them on the computer and show y'all. Don't know now, but I DO have an entertaining video to show you:
Ok, never mind. It's not where I thought it was. Sorry :(
Be thankful,

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