Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not that cows are especially spiritual, but...

Holy cow! I have three followers! When did THAT happen?! Great, you guys. Now I have an obligation to post regularly. Juuuuust kiiiddddiiiinng. Its so cool to know that there are people who like reading my stuff! It make me feel special.
Ok, I'm done with the mushy stuff.
My precious vacation is over half-way over. But its been quite refreshing.
Slept in till almost 9am. Heavenly.
Discussed detailed plans with Emma about her doll's new nightgown-to-be.
Decided not to go jogging cuz I was on vacation.
Went swimming after dinner and tried very hard not to be impressed by the litte punk doing flips off the diving board. I wish I had a video to show you except I wasn't impressed, so I actually don't.
Dad got us all a little treat afterward. I had six ounces of chocolated moose tracks. Also heavenly.
Stayed up kinda late finishing Emma's doll's nightgown.
Let the girl with the cute smile make up for the poor quality.
Slept in again(never mind how late).
Got a nice big hug from Emma. She likes the ruffle (yes, there is a ruffle in that white blur to her left) around the neck.
Proceeded to make matching slippers.
Went jogging. Don't ask me why.
Can't quite remember what I did the rest of the afternoon. Maybe I took a nap...:)
Went back to the pool after dinner. For free.
Did canon balls off the diving board with Bekah.
 Did a great dive when showing Dad. Went to show Mom and totally belly-flopped.
Emma went on the slide in the big pool. She just makes four feet and can stand on her tip toes in the shallow end. The rules wont even let more than one person be on the platform at a time so I couldn't go with her, but she did it fine and even doggy paddled a little to the side. I was proud of her.
Wednesday (why do we have to spell it like that?!):
Got up a little earlier.
Had Frenh toast for breakfast. What a great way to start the day :)
Worked on my cartoon picture book.
Went out with the intention of jogging and ended up just walking. Hey! I'm on vacation! I can do that if I want to! It was SUNNY.
Worked on  some more of my book. I now have 9 1/2 pages.
Tried to find a good reason why we shouldn't wear pajamas all day. Nothing so far.
Yep, I'm having a good vacation. And to finish it off nicely, here's a good one by the Josties (rhymes with posties). Coming soon to  a town near ME.

Be thankful,

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