Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I just found out my last name is not Adamou...

Don't freak, it's not what you're thinking- depending on what you're thinking, that is.
Dad is visiting his parents for Pappou's 80th birthday, and he found out that his grandpa (for reasons I'm not sure of) changed his last name to his first name. It was Th.....something. Kinda cool! It means my initials actually spell set, Rebekah's spell RAT and Leah's spell let.

I think I like Adamou better.

 I thought I would have time to get ya'll caught up on my amazing, exciting, adventure-filled life, but... I don't. So just hope I am spared from hoemwork and such and I should have time tonight. Untill then,
  Be thankful,

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