Wednesday, April 13, 2011

 I made it. Oh, goodness, how far back should I go....?
Let's start with Thursday. That's when Dad left for Virginia. He just got back, by the way. No, literally, he did. Like six minutes ago. He left with his brother to surprise his Pappou for his 80'th birthday. Thursday night Mr. Stephen gave me a teeny tiny memory card that can go in my phone to save pictures and then goes in a normal sized one, so now I can put pictures on the computer. Thanks, Mr. Stephen! Don't tell him I said that. The next day after school I went to Mrs. Stephen's house( yep, she's married to the same Mr. Stephen) and she helped me make a poodle skirt! We're having a 50's themed Ladie's event at our church and the teens girls are dressing and helping serve. Thus the poodle skirt.
It's gonna be fuuuun.
We had a break at one point and she made us these smoothies- they were amazing. Not only did they taste amazing, they looked really cool too! We took pictures on her phone because I forgot I had my phone in my POCKET. Aaand I'm not sure how to put pics on the computer from my inbox.
Any who.
They dropped me off just in time to watch TANGLED with my sister and her friends. Bekah is now 13 years old. Why doesn't that feel weird?? The movie was hilarious and clean. I wont ruin it by telling you all the bad messages in it. Maximus the horse/dog and Pascel the gecko are my favorite!!
Hee hee hee! :D
So any way. Despite my extreme exhaustion I managed to stay up with the little whipper-snappers. They wrote all over my window with window markers. Twice. Ha, ha, ha. Hilarious.
I forgave them, though, since I'm so much older and more mature. Plus they helped me find  abstract pictures for my photography class assignment that I forgot about. Then Monday I found out I really didn't need the filmm yet. But that's ok. I suppose..
Sunday was Bekah's actual birthday and I drove her crazy telling everyone at church (all the little kids, anyway) and getting them to sing happy birthday at her. We were also invited to a birthday at the pool for a little girl who was born on the same day as Bekah. Which is kinda cool. 'Cuz I like swimming. I'm getting good at a smooth dive.

Monday was a typical day. In photography class (which I'm really starting to like!) I developed a picture of the newest Parriott. Vance Isaiah Parriott-VIP! He's a very important Parriott. He's also a very cute Perriott....
Crud! I was gonna show you a cell phone pic of a developed photograph so you could see what I did. But it won't WORK. Even with the tiny memory card.
Ooooh welll.
Aaaany way, that was monday.
After school on Tuesday, we had piano lessons and whent home. I crashed and was sleeping when the disaster struck. I was vaguely aware of Mykah crying and I jerked awake when I heard some one mention "pouring blood". She had apparently run into a tree and smashed her nose pretty good. Since my cell phone pictures can't be shown, here's a webcam version of the damage, though it really doesnt do the wound justice.
You cant really see the purple-and-blue-ness and how swollen it is. It's a shiner!
Dad come home last night, and Mr. Robinson needed to spend the night. He got my room, so, it's cleaner than it's been in QUITE a while.
Let's see how long that lasts.
And the homework torrent has begone again, so I bid you farewell till the next month or whenever I managet to emerge from the currnet. 

Be thankful,

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