Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hose water tastes like summer...

It does!
I mowed the lawn for the third time in two weeks the other day, and that's saying something. If it's sunny long enough for there to be too much grass for my sisters to finish before I get home, and I have little enough home work to have time to mow, life is good.
And it is. I have had minimal homework for the past two weeks (though I fear that is coming to an end), the sun had been shining, I have the beginings of a tan, the missions conference was amazing, camp is coming up, a youth rally is tomorrow (I'll see Jeri!!!!!!!!!!!), and PNG is only 56 days away. Theres's a guy saying the rapture will happen on the 28th of this month, and I know it's probably not, but what if it is?! Then I wouldn't have to wait the 56 days to see Amy and Joey and all the other people I am excited to see pretty soon here!! It puts things in perspective as far as what is really important and it makes me wanna go street-preaching. Are girls allowed to do that? I can at least go with someone and pass out tracts.


Where was I yesterday? Ah, yes. Working with rollers in my hair.
Ok, that's not quite what I looked like, but you get the idea.
So, Friday night:
John came. We saw slides from milirtary prisons and Bro. Sehmish preached. We decided the missions conference needed God-and-i-time like at camp and took a few minutes to have it ourselves.
Saturday night we saw Fiji slides and Bro. Hohenstreet preached. I'm sorry I'm not really describing these but I'm not sure how to. I think the church puts the messages up on it's web-site so maybe I can give you guys a link later and you can get an idea. Honestly, it's not quite the same as when you are there, but it's better than nothing. I'm really starting to want an ipod or something so I can listen to sermons whenever. I'll have to save for that after PNG is paid off.
Well, I'm gonna have to have a part three, 'cuz I'm starvin'

Be thankful,

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