Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Well, sorry, but that weekend that didn't get published somehow had been pushed from my head. I guess I'll just summarize.
We had a Friday focus, which was awesome, I caught a cold, which was not awesome( thus the "5" rating) and we sang for Mother's day.
There was a little more to it, but I lost it.

So. Moving on. We just finished up our Mission's Conference. Because I over use the word awesome, I shall label it amazing. Or rather, AMAZING.  I have a unique church and I am very blessed. Thank you LORD! Bro. Kory Mears started us out on Wednesday night and finished us off Sunday night with two challenges. He wanted us to come forward and surrender to the Lord. I was thinking I didn't need to because I have already told the Lord I'm ready to go the mission field, but it dawned on me that I never told Him I'm ready to do whatever he wants, even if it's not the mission field. I had surrendered to do what I wanted, but not the possibility that He might have something else in mind for me that I wouldn't like.

Bro. Mears is a missionary to Fiji and had five little girls and two boys. The oldest is an eleven year old girl and they are all ADORABLE. One little girl is adopted from Fiji and she is THE CUTEST THING YOU EVER SAW. I am now planning my next missions trip to Fiji as a nanny for them :) I didn't even know all their names and they were asking me to push them on the swing and hugging me. They did a special on Fijian on Sunday. Oh, how I WISH I had a video! Do you have any idea how cute little four year olds are singing in a different language?!

But now I'm getting out of order.

Wednesday: School was going the slowest it had been all quarter. I was thinking I would get out at 4 like I usually do on Wednesdays. At about 1:30, I went in the photo lab to start working on pictures. Then I realised, "Hmm, my negatives aren't in here. That's a problem." I ended up just going to the church and setting up the tables in the garage, which helped the afternoon go a little faster. Like I said before, Bro. Kory Mears started us off with an awesome message and Bro. Shwaderer showed us slides from the Canary Islands. These missionaries are smart. Just kidding. We all know that God is the one who decides where they go. At least that's what they tell us...

Thursday: I was done with my first class by 10:00 and my last one would be at 12:00. I was planning on eating lunch at the church after that so I didn't pack a lunch. Big mistake. I was so hungry by 11:15 that my stomach was no longer growling. It hurt to move. I try to have decent pain tolerance, but I wasn't sure if I could make it through the next class hour. Then it got canceled, right before the hour. Which was nice, because I could focus on being in pain, but I still had to wait for my ride to be done with class. I heard the food at the barbecue was delicious, but I wouldn't really know because I didn't really taste it. I just inhaled it and laid down. Fortunately there were a few leftovers so I later tasted one of the sea-food shish-kabobs ( I believe that's how you spell it) and my sources were proves correct once again.
Insert nap till 4:00 upon arriving at home. Once I woke up I was informed that we (Rebekah and myself) were going to be picked up in ten minutes by Mr. Fussel to go help the Bailey's move in to their new house. I shall post a picture of the stairs on their front porch as soon as I get one. It's a beautiful house, by the way. We ended up unloading two trailers of boxes and getting done at 6:15, rushing home, jumping in and out of the shower quite literally, swallowing a taco (when chewing is usually my habit, and more like six tacos), getting ready for church faster than I ever have in my life, and getting to church before they finished singing the first song. 
We're just that good.
We saw slides from Bro. Shemish to Thailand and heard the testimony of his first convert. Bro. Shemish is from Australia and his convert (who goes by "Joe" so we don't have to pronounce his Thai name) learned his English from him. Though some what broken, his English was understandable. Have you ever heard a Thai accent mixed with an Australian accent? It. was. hilarious. It really kept your attention.
Then Bro. Shwaderer preached on why he believes in missions.
Friday: NO SCHOOL!! They could not have picked a better time for advising day. And I wound up with absolutely no homework! So I got to sleep in, have a big breakfast and just relax. Actually, no I didn't. We got up early to go unload a trailer full of big stuff the guys wouldn't let me and Bekah try, so that was kinda lame, but I DID have a big breakfast. And for some odd reason the spell-check on here thinks I just spelled breakfast wrong, but not that last one I typed....weird.
I got to make my bed for the first time in a while and had lunch at 12:00 for the first time in a while. After attempting to nap for a bit on the sunny deck, we cleaned. I sliced fruit and put hot rollers in my hair. Oh, and guess what: there's more to unload at the Baileys. So wrap a handkerchief around those rollers and get in the truck! Mr. Stephen got a little surprised, but I found out I can work just fine with rollers in my hair. \
And that is all i have time for now, so I'll try to finish later...
Be thankful,

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