Friday, May 6, 2011

     If you had asked me how I was doing at 8:30 this morning, I would have said," Ask me again in an hour and a half." If you had asked me again then (which is now) I would have said," Fantastic!" Know why? Because my huge, scary, anthropology mid term is OVER. The quarter can't get any worse than that. It might not get better, but it can't get worse. Well, there is the photography midterm next week...but I still think it can't be worse than anthropology. We have take home quizzes to study from instead of just our notes. And so far English looks like an easy 4.0 -not to brag or anything, it just so happens to be my forte. And my forte + easy teacher = 4.0.
     I'm ready to register for fall quarter now. It's going to be interesting. I'm taking chemistry (auuughghgkkk), psycology (I heard it's easy, but that was from Levi so...), English 102 (probably NOT my forte), and (are you ready for this? Cuz I'm not) boot camp basics.
     I covet your prayers.
      Add to this my first class is at 8:00 (a.m.), so, no more sleeping in till 7:30. The one awesome thing is that I will be done by 10:00 (a.m.) on Fridays, which will be AWESOME. What better way to start off a weekend than at 10:00?
      The count down to PNG-blast-off is 2 months and 6 days. And I will probably think of some more inspirational things to say later, when my weekend is officially begun and I have the afternoon to think of whatever I want...mostly.
Be thankful,

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