Friday, May 27, 2011

Ten on.........Fuh-ridaaaaaaaaaaay

I heart Fridays! Love 'em to death, usually. I must scare them away or something though. They never stay longer than 24 hours.

It is 48 days till I leave for PNG, 34 till we leave for camp, 19 till Summer camp, and 10 actual school days!

The pie and craft auction is coming up next Sunday! I'm going to finish the quilt I started when I was...I can't remember!! It was the year before the Bailey's came. Before I was in the youth group. Oh! I think I was twelve. Yeah, so i need to finish it.

I miss my camera. I have the film one but that's for school and I can't really carry it around all the time and take millions of pictures. And you can't take pictures with your friends and then look and laugh at them and use them for black-mail. I HAVE to get one before camp.

I'm going to emulate Jerry Uelsmann. He takes pictures like this:
I already have an idea! If they turn out good I'll post them.                                                                            
   Mac 'n cheese sounds really good right now.                                                                                             
My little sister is turning SEVEN tomorrow. When I was seven, we were just moving into the house on Alderbrook Lane. And we lived there till I was fourteen and a half. Ahh, memories. I'm gonna have to do a "strolling-through-memory-lane" post sometime.                                                                                          
Lasagna also sounds really good. Even better than mac n' cheese.                                                                 

I am ready to be DONE  with Socio-cultural Anthropology. Do you know how hard it is to write down stuff you know is trash? Do you know what we do in class every day?                                                                
I think we'll do a random dozen tomorrow.                                                                                                 
Be thankful,                                                                                                                                             

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