Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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I'm not sure of that's entirely true....but I'm gonna go with it.

1)Today was the longest day. Tomorrow daylight will start waning again. But does that mean yesterday and tomorrow could be considered the second longest day? I can't say I spent the longest day amazingly, but tomorrow is promising.... :)

2)I get to go bug my buddy Brandi! 'Member this?:
Okay, maybe you don't, but I do. That was back....a while ago when she got to come over and we discovered some machinery..{insert evil chuckles}.
So now it's my turn.  And I hope to have many pictures. Hey! I can have a (not so) wordless Wednesday! Haven't had one for a while.

3) It is the twenty-first of June. And it is 21 says till I leave...unless you count the majority of the twelfth that I have to wait since my flight doesn't leave till 4:30. And we leave for camp THIS Saturday! That's in 3 days!!

4) Mmmmm I think I will skip #4

And I don't have time for  #5...My pillow is calling.

Be thankful,

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Extreme Horse Lover said...

That was so much fun! Sarah got to ride crazy kachina ( The horse with no stop button...lol) and Harley's Razzle Dazzle my SWWYF reserve champ gelding...and we played in the sand and tanned on the trampoline...hehehe good times ;)