Saturday, July 9, 2011

I better get a post in before it gets any busier. I leave the country in less than a week. I got back from camp July 1. I'm tired.
Let's start with camp. It was military theme this year. We held it at new (and more rustic) facilities. This being my fifth year, and second military year, I noticed some differences. For one, Monday was the only military day. The rest of the time the most military-like thing we did was line up in squads. And for meals. Oooh, did I mention 'meals'?  That was one of  the major differences. The food was MUCH better this year. Since the campgrounds we used this year were not staffed, Treasure Valley Baptist Church had to supply the meals. If I ever had any doubts about that church being true Baptists, they were washed clean away by the menu. It was delicious, and I shall not recite the menu to you even though I have it memorized, because I started this post three days ago, and I would like to finish it before I leave (which is now in three days if you don't count the rest of today- its 6:00 pm).
Another difference was we had to walk to our showers, and it was cold. But I got it figured out. I really only took one complete shower the whole time. That sounds gross, but let me elaborate. I took a full shower Saturday night. Monday night I shaved (because Tuesday was Lake day :). Tuesday I rinsed off, and Wednesday I washed my hair. We went home Friday morning waaaaaaaay too early. I mean, we left at 11 or so, but the goodbye time was overly-limited. I only got one page of autographs.
 The only problem with camp is all the awesome people you meet and get close to and have a blast with and only see once a year. If we ever have to move out of state, I can live with Idaho.
Fourth of July!
This just so happens to be my favorite holiday. I don't have any firework pictures, or picnic pictures or anything. I blame this on the fact that I got my camera(!!!!!!!!!!) on Wednesday (the 4th was Monday:). We'll get to that later.
The stereotypical main dishes were stereotypically delicious, but there were two desserts that deserve honorable mention: Mrs. Bailey's Eclair cake and Mrs. Murphy's strawberry confection
It kindaaa looked like this, but this isn't the real thing. This is something similar off the Internet. If I had had my camera at that point we would have a high-quality blown version of the real deal.

Again, not the real thing. But I thought you could at least have an idea of what I had and you didn't :D

Every year at our Fourth picnic we play Volley ball. I hate that game, because I stink (I repeat, STINK) at it. But there were a bunch of little kids playing this year and I joined in. The adults came in later, but I discovered I'm not too bad at serving. And I did a good return once too. So I got my volley ball skills up and ready for next year.
Some where in there we soaked the Pastor. He is a dangerous man when a armed with a watering can...(did you notice that rhymes?) even though the rest of us had super soakers or worse.
After running over to pick up a buddy and making a quick stop for skittles, we went to the fairground for the end of the demolition derby and 30 minutes of free fireworks. As previously stated, I have no pictures of my own, but there's always the Internet:
That covers it.
I was hoping Brandi would load some on Facebook, but doesn't look like she did.
On a side note, I'm thankful for my relatively drama-free life. Thank you, Lord.
Tuesday (the day I started this post) we started putting in a new rock wall. Before and after pictures soon to come.
Wednesday we went shopping and I got (among other things) my new camera (!!!!!!!!!!).
I'm almost completely ready now. Which is good since I leave the day after the day after tomorrow.
And I got a hair cut today and the sunshine is sunshinin' and I finally finished the post I started four days ago and the computer is wanted.
Be thankful,

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Chasity Simmons said...

lol That was a very fun post! Camp was awesome (well not our quarters or the bathhouse plus the lazy boys when we had to build a fort)and it was good to see you again. I hope you had fun in Papua New Guinea (or are having fun there if you're still there) and make sure to post some pictures. :)