Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alright. I don't have anything interesting to tell about. I'm just getting into the routine of another quarter. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...etc. However, Sunday night I finished typing out my journal, so I'll copy and paste a section of it here. If any body wants a full copy (it's about 13 pages long with an 11 point font) let me know by commenting.

This portion I'm posting is the last part of the trip when we got to spend a few days at a guest house on an island.

Monday, August 15                                                                                     Haniak, …, PNG
I’ll let you know if something happens.
Ps. Having nothing to do gets old fast, but a the moment I’m still enjoying it.

Sunday, August 21                                                                                       Haniak, PNG
Something happened. Or rather, is about to happen. Actually, both. Thursday we went to town. We swam. We split a pizza with salami, green olives, and a load-and-a-half of gooey melted cheese. Then we went to New tribes {a store for missionaries}. That’s where I saw that white boy again. He’s cute. But too tall for me.
ANYWAY. Amy ran into and talked with a friend who recently got back from staying on a nearby tiny island in “the nicest guest house I’ve seen in PNG”. And guess what we’re getting ready for tomorrow. She told Amy all about it, and Amy told Joey, and Joey checked it out with her (the friend’s) husband and we are leaving Tuesday and coming back Friday. Whoo!! I am looking forward to two straight days of being in the water!! That, and pop-tarts for the second time in my life.
Ps. I’m getting just a teensy-weensy bit homesick. A couple days on this Island ought to cure that!...just kidding.

               Wednesday, August 24                                                                               Yuo Island
We made it! This is just about as good as it gets as far as tropical islands go. I’m sitting on the front porch of the guest house, listening to the water (very blue water) ripple over the reef and onto the white beach. The only thing bugging me is… the bug bites. But that’s pretty much everywhere. We almost didn’t make it over. We were eating lunch when the guy who owns the guest house (and was giving us the boat ride over) rang to tell us the station was out of patrol and the pump was bagarup [messed up, bad]. So, that was a little nerve racking. If we couldn’t get petrol for the boat, it wasn’t like we could try again next week. But we ended up getting some before too long and headed out. It. Was. Gorgeous. I took pictures, but they really don’t do it justice. We swam the rest of the afternoon and ate dinner with the family that lives here. Oh, and Joey got a fish on the way over. A mackerel big enough to feed everybody. And the guy has 8 kids. I got pics of that too. And now, the water is calling my name.
               Thursday, August 25                                                                                   Yuo Island
Wow. That was fun too bad it’s almost over already! William was in the water as soon as he woke up. It rained a little in the late morning, but as soon as it stopped, I was in there too. It had rained the night before too, and the water was a little murky after lunch, which is when the tide started coming back up.
Any way: swam all morning with William, had lunch, looked for shells, swam more, built sand castle, decorated castle with Gwendolyn, swam with Gwen-gwen, Amy and Joey, showered (behind a tarp), relaxed in hammock, played Frisbee with Gwen, Tony and Paul till dinner, ate, sat around the fire with everybody till 9 or so, slept soundly. That was yesterday. Today, I woke up with the reminder that people burn worse on cloudy days than sunny and that it was overcast all day yesterday. Bak blo mi cukim. Em kilim mi. So I got burnt bad. It hurts. Bu the water was so clear this morning that, after moping in the hammock for a while, I sucked it up and put on my swim suit [ouch!] with a t-shirt. I followed Joey and went snorkeling out over the reef. THAT was AMAZING. I REALLY wish I had an underwater camera! I saw all kinds of fish and plants with sun shining through the water. Beautiful. That was probably a once in a lifetime thing.
Over the past two days, I have collected/been given several tons of seashells. Soon I’ll have to decide which ones I want to keep. Also, the mom here (Catherin) showed me how to make little holes in the shells so I can make necklaces. After that one bit in the water, I did get back in. my burn really hurt all day. So I didn’t really so as much. But it’s still been pretty sweet. I’m really sad we’re not staying longer!
There ya go. I started with the end.
Be thankful,

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