Wednesday, October 5, 2011

because recent events are not exactly cheerful

But I'm going to tell you about them any way. So you might want to skip ahead now.There will be something a little nicer after I'm done complaining
 I am sick. Not throwing up, no burning fever, not quite enough to stay home from school, just enough to feel miserable and know I shouldn't baby it because I'm not even contagious and I have so much stuff to do. I have a yucky sore throat, I'm kinda dizzy, and if I move too fast my head pounds really hard for about 7 seconds. I had a weird night. I kept having weird dreams about my chemistry class over and over and I couldn't understand what the teacher was trying to say and I was really really thirsty. That was frusterating. My back molar has been hurting the last few days too. Or rather, the gum behind  my molar. I think my "wisdom" teeth are coming in today. If those things would really give me some widsom this little bit of pain would be totally worth it. But somehow I think wisdom is aquired with a different kind of pain, and in larger quantities. Ok, I think I'm finished whining. I'll let you know if I come up with anything else.
On a more thankfukl note, I have two classed and an hour break with Beth. I think I have already mentioned that, but that was only at the first week. I knew Beth a little through another friend and thought she was a pretty nice girl. Well, this is only the third week of hanging out with her and I love her. She is really nice and she thinks. I think she's been saved for a few years now but her parents aren't saved and she doesn't have a ton of Christian guidance. But she's not just a ditsy "public school" girl with no focus except maybe boys. Any way, I really like her. 'Bout time Lindsey had to share her. Pray for her mom, okay? She told me today that she had tried so many times to get her saved. Her mom is a psychologist, if that says anything. Pray that the Holy Spirit wil use Beth's testimony as a daughter to reach past the "scientist" and get to her heart.
Be thankful,

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