Tuesday, October 18, 2011


He turned 46 almost a week ago. So now ya know he's old.

 He has a winning smile (Mom, please don't kill me!)

One of his many kills

He is a king in his throne.

He teaches 'em young

He is the King of salad!

Did I mention he likes being in the kitchen?

He built us a house

He invented a new weight-loss program. He called it the house-building stress weight-loss program. See the results?

He takes the family on hikes through the woods

He's an...angel?

For some reason he doesn't like painting anymore...

I don't know WHY...

Maybe it was the fumes...

He has strange friends...

He loves clamming!!

He drove us to Montana and back

He really gets into it during the missions conference

I love him LOTS.

We all do

When I took English last quarter, we had an assignment to write a paragraph on someone who has had a positive effect on our life. Here's what I wrote:
    My Dad has had a positive effect on my life. He has always been an example to my sisters and I.We have seen him grow. We know he isn't perfect, but we know how hard he tries to improve. He loves and takes care of my Mom. He works hard to take care of us. Sometimes he tells me "no". And then he tells me why. When I am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with, I'll compare them to him, because I know what kind of Dad I want for my kids.

Be thankful for your Dad,

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