Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thing numbers 3 through 5

Thing number three:
Sunglasses! Those things are sooo cool! Even the cool people think they're cool. Even though we don't have many occasions to wear them over the eyes here in the rainy state, it's not very often you won't see at least one optimistic person wearing them on their heads. Thankyou Lord, for sunglasses. We just wouldn't be cool without them.
Thing number four:
Making pretty stuff. This was originally a "things-I-love" list. So I'll have to tweak this one a little. Thankyou LORD for making pretty stuff. Like this:
And these:

I could go on.
Thankyou that even though there is a lot of ugly in the world You made us some pretty stuff to look at.

Thing number five:                                                                                                                            
Crazy salt. Ok, so you might not be familiar with this stuff. The bottle says Jane's Crazy Mixed-up Seasoning. We just call it crazy salt. And it is SO GOOD. I like it on all vegetables, on rice, in my eggs, on baked chicken (with lemon and broth too), and on couscous. You may or may not know what that is either. And it's pretty good, but it's not on my "love" list so I'm not gonna explain it.
Plus I hafta go now.
Be thankful,

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