Monday, November 14, 2011

Things six, seven and eight

Thing number six:
Horses. They have been my favorite animal ever since I knew you could have a favorite animal. I remember being about four and wondering if I really loved horses or if I just thought I did and if when I was an old teenager I would only be interested in the tyical teenager stuff. But guess what. I still love 'em. I am interested in some of the typical teenager stuff, but I still love horses more than any other animal. I still think they're gorgeous and majestic. I still love being with them every chance I get, even if it's only to brush them, or clean out their stalls. I haven't drawn one in quite a while; I think I got tired of not being able to really capture them like I saw in my head. Like this:

Thankyou LORD for these amazing creatures.
Thing number seven:
Blue skies. In other words, warm, sunny days with a slight breeze, or with no breeze and a swimming pool full of friends...and some water. The only time I'm upset about sunny days is when I have too much to do to enjoy the rarity. That makes me upset. 'Cuz who doesn't want to be out in THIS?

Thankyou LORD, for sunshine and summer, and just LIGHT, I guess.

Thing number eight:
Cinnamon. Every once in while Momma would burn some on the stove (on purpose) and I would boing out of bed thinking she made some special treat for breakfast that smelled REALLY GOOD, and it would just be the plain old usual. But, hey, it got me out of bed. You can add some to a peanutbutterandhoney sandwich and it tastes nummy. And it makes really good gum...but not Big Red. That's just plain painful. Try Orbit Cinnamint. I love it. Thankyou LORD for cinnamon and the spice of life.

Be thankful,

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