Monday, January 30, 2012

Guest post by Leah

Well to start out I've  never written  on a blog before so I'm  really excited! And what also makes me excited  is horses,  they're pretty, gorgeous, and awsome. And speaking  of horses I drew a  picture of  two. Would you like to see it?                 

And there you go! And if  you  wanted to changed  the subject  we could talk about  cats. Our cat Peter is not  your usual cat. Well, to start out, he drinks  from a toilet and eats dog food and somtimes attacks our dogs and also  tears paper and such  to shreds.
And there you have Leah! Unbeknownst to her, she just did a language lesson! And I corrected/edited it :)


Anonymous said...

Coolio! U should do more " guest posts" Leah!

Sarah said...

I'm definetly planning on it! She was super excited to hear someone commented on her post! :)AND she got to show someone her art work.

mom said...

Good thing editing is not in your immediate career spelled language wrong;)