Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's that time again

I feel like I should do a stunning, amazing, inspirational blog post right about...now. However, I am somewhat lacking in stunning, amazing, inspirational material. My life is quite hum-drum. The same thing over and over. Boring. Dry. Stale. Predictable. Drab. Irksome. Monotonous. Tedious.
 I think that last one fits best.
But I want to know: if it's doing the same thing over and over, WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG. (?) I mean, the more you do something, the better you're supposed to get at it. And the better you are at something, the FASTER you should be able to do it! RIGHT?

I guess there are exceptions for every rule.
I guess I should just work with what I have.
I guess I could just tell you what I did today.
I guess I should warn you of a monotonous blog post ahead.
I might want to apologize in advance in case you decide to keep reading.
Naw, that's your own mistake, not my fault.

I set my alarm for 5:36. I was up by 6:38 (who's idea were snooze buttons? I despise them, the treacherous things. Snooze buttons, not the person who invented them. That wouldn't be very nice. Everybody's gotta make a livin')( But then, since when am I nice??). I kinda of slept through/ read a (cough) portion of Leviticus. I was getting dressed and packing after-gymn clothes by 7:30, which is when I'm usually eating breakfast by. But mom was making French toast so it was a good day to be running late.
I got to the gym by 8:45, ran my mile (8:18) did some abs, arms and back, got cleaned up and changed by 9:30.
 Then I went to the library and met a couple girls I'm working with on a group presentation in speech. We touched up our power point slides, rehearsed giving our presentation and laughed till 10:45.
 I usually go the cafeteria on that day by 10:30 to give myself time to eat lunch, because I won't have another chance to eat till 1. So if I want to retain anything in the next classes, it's an early lunch.
Any way, I only ate part of it today, since, rehearsal went so long.
Rushed to Non-Western Lit at 11, with an extra 4 minutes to spare. I could have taken at least 7 more bites! We had an introductory video on Ancient China.
Next was Intro to Natural Resources. The most boring class I've taken so far. This lady sincerly cares about her subject, but she has the most monotone voice....and THEN, she records her lectures and puts the power points up on line! So she's practically begging people not to come to class! I was tempted to finish my meal in class.
As soon as I was outa there, I headed over to a teacher's office to ask about class times for next quarter. Ran into a buddy on the way and then walked with her to her car afterward. Mom picked me up and we ran a couple errands...or rather SHE ran the errands while I finished my lunch in the car.

We got home around 2 or 2:30 and that's where it gets a little fuzzy...somewhere in there I did homework, took a nap, and listened to some old-fashioned preaching while being tortured by the smell of dinner cooking. THAT's not fuzzy! Mom made Indian meatballs with this tantalizing sauce and served it over steamed rice with coconut cream.
If you were thinking sweet, stop. It's not sweet. It's solely creamy coconut flavor.
I believe we attempted to break in a new deck of Dutch Blizt cards after that. I laid the first card....but I didnt win any of the rounds. It got kinda old when Bekah kept winning.
Aaaannnd now I'm trying to think of something to have for lunch tomorrow. Ah, lunch: the spice of life.
 It has to be in sandwich  form, though, because I have 4 classes in a row on Wednesdays ( and Mondays and Fridays), so I can't heat it up, and must be able to consume it while walking from Washington Hall to the New "Science" building. Or maybe during Intro to  Natural Resources....
Had enough yet?

Be thankful,

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