Monday, February 6, 2012

I do believe we are over due for a list.

1. Weekend! And.......sunshine!! Whoot! I LIKE that stuff...

2. There is a couple who has been coming to our church for a little while, invited by some other friends. The wife recently got saved, and we had them over for dinner the other night.
Ironically, they live right down the road from us.

It was really encouraging to talk to her! She is just (I quote) " obsessed with Jesus!"  She really has the joy of salvation!

And it made me think: "Hey! You have the same thing she has. How come you don't sound like that? What? You're used to it? You don't appreciate it, you mean. You should be even more excited because you've had all this time to get closer to the Lord! Stop taking it for granted, and get excited about being saved!"
And that is the thing with getting saved at a young age.
You haven't been out in the world.
You dont know what it's like to have nobody but yourself to depend on.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should go out in the filth of the world to see how nice being clean is!
But we have to stop and think about, or we'll forget to appreciate what we have.

3. So the husband never gave a clear testimony, but said he was really learning a lot in church.
Well, Sunday he told our friends (who originally invited them to our church) that he got saved! Double awesome!


5.I'm taking a literature class, and a lot of it has been rather yucky (in more ways than one). Right now we are looking at China (poetry, to be specific), and some of it is still a bit un-fun, but some of it is unique and elegant. It drives me nuts that it doesn't rhyme, but here's one piece I liked:
Sitting Alone by Ching-t'ing Mountain
The flock of birds have flown high and away,
A solitary cloud goes off calmly alone.
We look at each other and never get bored-
Just me and Ching-t'ing Mountain
OK, now go back and read it again, and try to visualize exactly what the words say. Like, build a picture in my mind. I love hiking behind my house, and sometimes I see a beautiful scene and don't really know how to express it. When I read that poem, those scenes came to mind.
I dont know, it might be just me. But I wanted to share it.
This is my doodle pad. :)
6. In case you haven't laughed yet:

7. Do you see it?

Be thankful,


Sierra said...

Hehehe I see the mistake :) It's pretty easy :) Love the pi cake. My cousin did a pi post a while was great!!!!!! Love the wedding cake!!!!!!!! That makes a pretty picture to imagine...
I know right! I heard a story of a kid who came to Sunday School and was amazed at the story of David and the Goliath. But none of the other kids who had heard it a million times were. It's sad. We *should*be that excited...
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

Sarah said...

It was easy??? wow! took me 3 or 4 times before it clicked...good eye!

Sierra said...

...erm at least if it was what I thought it was...the ero zay right???? Just checking.... :P But I think I'm right :)
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

Sarah said...

ah HA! I'm not the only one! Nope, it's not the zero ;)

Sierra said...

Shoot!!!!!!!! One sec....
Oh GRRRRRRRR that is...TRICKYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally got it :P it was easy..they just divert you. What sly people :P Sierra
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

Chasity Simmons said...

Amen on #2! I totally know how you feel. It is hard when growing up in a Christian home.
#4 was awesome but too bad he's not KJV then it's be even better. :)
Poetry that doesn't ryhme drives me nuts too! But that poem is pretty cool when you do indeed visualize.
Oh #7 made me mad! WHY did they DO that!?

Chasity Simmons said...

Goodness gracious! KayleeBeth just came in and I showed her #7 and she got it right away! Unfairdom!! Lol, we were all stuck on the numbers and she said she "didn't even look at them". :P

DJ Wilson said...

I took one year of poetry, and I still don't like it. Even though it totally improved my writing style in a way.

I felt pretty stupid not seeing the error of that picture for the longest time.

I just read so fast and so fluidly, see? ;D wink wink

This was a really fun post to read!