Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Name that classical children's book!

I love puzzles like this! See if you can figure out the disguised titles of each of these dear old books:

1. Emerald Yolky Food with Accompanying Pig Product

2. Evening Salutations to the Celestial Orb

3. Soft Cotton Rabbit

4.Tritecta of Minute Swine

5. Pretty Girl Slumbering

6.Unsightly Aquatic Bird

7.Which Female Cares For Me?

8.Brunette Furry Mammal, Brunette Furry Mammal, What are Your Observations?

9. Locale of the Concrete Walkway's Termination

10. Be Off Canine, Be Off!

11. Famished Butterfly Predecessor

12.Fedora-wearing Feline

13.Locale of the Untamed Creatures

14. A Breeze Blowing Through the Salix Trees

I'll post the answers tomorrow in the near future whenever I get a chance that doesn't need to be used for something else. Know what I mean?
Be Thankful, Sarah

PS. I decided I wont post the answers till someone comments on this post ;)


Anonymous said...

i tagged you over at my blog :)

Sarah said...

Cool! Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Did you ever post the answers? I am hosting a baby shower this weekend and want to use this game. There are two I am just NOT getting. :)

Sarah said...

^^ Ya know? I dont think I ever did! Probably because no one asked before this. Here are all the answers: 1.Green eggs and Ham 2.Goodnight moon 3.Velvelteen Rabbit (puzzle should have said bunny) 4. Three Little Pigs 5. Sleeping Beauty 6. The Ugly Duckling 7. Are you my Mother? 8. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 9. Where the sidewalk ends 10. Go Dog Go! 11. The Hungry Catepillar 12.The Cat in the Hat 13. Where the Wild Things Are 14.The wind in the willows