Friday, February 24, 2012

something small

When was the last time you walked to get the mail? How far is it from your front door? Do you even have a mailbox, or is it at the post office?
The first mail I remember getting was from a post office. But when I was six we moved to a much more rural area and the mailbox was probably about a quarter mile from the front door.
Ok, maybe not that far.
But it seemed like it on my short little legs.
It any case, you couldnt see it from the front door. Maybe from the kitchen window...I dont know. I dont think I was tall enough to see out the kitchen window.
Well, my point was, it was a nice little walk. And I enjoyed it.

 That was my first my first memory of  going to get the mail.
Now, I have a much shorter jaunt to the mail box, but you still can't see it from the house (hills are lovely things). The majority of my time spent at home involves homework, eating and sleeping, with the occasional shower thrown in.
That's quite the change from the hikes I used to go on and the forts I would build and the time spent wandering outside looking for building materials or just sitting my tree.
Dont get me wrong, I had school, and I had chores. But I also had leisure time.
Now, not so much.
 So I kinda treasure a quick jaunt outside.
If the sun is out, I walk slowly, if it's not raining I walk normal, and if it's precipitating (notice, we are not limited to rain), I jog slowly. If I thought of taking an umbrella, I bet I would default to a leisurely pace.
I'll have to try that some time.
Anyway, random topic of the day...

Have I ever told you guys how I feel about tomatoes?

Be Thankful, Sarah

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Lauren S. said...

I have a mail slot. So my jaunt to the mail "box" would be to my front door and back. ;)