Friday, March 23, 2012

I can never come up with good titles till AFTER I write the post.....

Man, guys! How long has it been since I did a real POST? Not a filler (although they CAN be interesting), a real, list-filled, random, theme-less, put-your-heart-into-it-POST??

Ah. It was March 9th.

So, not being March 10th, that means we're overdue.
Let the lists begin!
 I am on Spring break, and loving it!
 I love Spring break, in case I hadn't mentioned it yet.
(Did that make any sense? Good.)
List one: what I l<3ve/acknowledge about spring breaks
1. Going to bed at the same time I do when I'm in school (late-ish), but for different reasons, and with no concern about getting enough sleep.
2. Making money (cuz I have time to work)
3. Making plans for all these things I can get done that I have been wanting to get done and haven't had time to.
4. Having the option to NOT get those things done (I know, I'm complicated...)
5. The self-defense class I'm going to tomorrow- because tomorrow is part of Spring break (watch out bad-guys!)
6. Sleepovers: the one's I'm going to have maybe on the weekend, but I'm not limited to it :)  I could have one tomorrow if I wanted. Actually, that's not a very good example, cuz tomorrow is Saturday, and that's the weekend...I can have one yesterday if I wanted! Wait...-oh, never mind.

 So basically, I'm realizing I could summarize this whole thing into one word: Leisure time. Yeah, I know that was two words. But, hey! It's Spring break!

7. Redesigning my blog (like it?)!
8.Watching a recording of a play some of my friends and I put on when we little. All by ourselves. We were 9-11. It's pretty horrible. As I watched it, I kept telling myself  "wow, Sarah, you were little." It was the best excuse I could come up with for what was playing in front of my face...
9. Don't ask, just watch:

Yep. Spring break is when you can watch Christmas-related videos, cuz you have no homework!
Oh, and also this:
THAT. Is what you call a BLOND.
10. THIS particular Spring break is also enjoyable because (you might wanna sit down...) I'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to the next quarter!
In fact, I am anticipating enjoying (get ready!) 3 out of 4 classes!
Which leads me to list #2: the classed I'll be taking.
1. Natural disasters and catastrophies (yes, they actually have a CLASS for this)(I think it's basically gonna be a geology class)( this is not one of the 3 I anticipate enjoying, although I could change my mind later...)(And I might have a friend in this class...maybe.)
2. U.S. History: I have heard the teacher for this class is great, AND I'll have a friend taking it with me! I<3 study buddies... especially this one :)
3. A basic music class/ reading music. I already know how to read music ( I used to take piano lessons), I just am not very good at it, cuz I never practice. So this class should be easy- plus I'll learn new songs!
Bunny trail: I love learning new songs! My sister's friend Emalie just gave the sheet music to a really fun song called "hoe down". What's that? Did you just call me a dork? Your observations were correct! Congrads... 
As soon as I get good at playing it I'll record and post it! Or I could just record Emalie playing it...she's already really good. 
And last but not least:
4. Applied drama. This is not where I learn acting and perform in a play (are you kidding me??), this is where I help build the SET. Which is perfect, cuz I love building stuff! And painting. It's even more perfect, because I have a friend in the acting department, and she told me the actors help build the set too, so I'll get to work with her too!! She makes stuff out of duct tape. Look up "the duct tape llama" on facebook sometime and see what she and her friend made!

And I still haven't come up with a good title...

Be thankful,


Sierra said...

That funny!!!!!!!!!!!! (the math problem one...) Sierra
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)

Chasity S. said...

Loved the videos! The last one was hilarious! I love your new blog design! It's SO cute! Have a good spring break! =)