Monday, March 26, 2012

Photo challenge...Night shots!

This isn't particularly great photography, and it's not even a night shot (it's early morning ;) but it's kinda sh-pecial. My Dad is the youth pastor, and this was taken right before going to collect the rest of the teens and truck them to an amazing week at a church camp 10 hrs away, in the state next door.

Ahh, memories...
Of 10 hours in a van full of teenagers.
Can you see the enthusiasm in his face?

Be Thankful,

lucia, etc.


Chasity S. said...

Awes! I like that picture! Ha! Why wouldn't he love a 10 hour drive with a van full of teenagers? Lol, those kind of drives are the most crazy/fun ones!

DJ Wilson said...

Whoa! Did you change the look of your blog? I like it ;)

Love the banner as well.

Ooo! Ten hours? I'm going to Idaho this weekend and I only have to be in the car for 6 hours thankfully. Even then, I might lose my mind. I think I would die after 10 hours. haha

have a great day!

Sarah said...

Actually I just logged in one day and it was magically changed to this new theme! ;)
I might lose my mind driving for 6 hours if I was the only one in the car, but in a 15-passenger van full of teens, that's not an concern. I L<3VE the ride to camp every year! :)