Friday, March 9, 2012

Lists (acutally, just one)

1.Lists are your friend.
2. Lists are for when you don't have one single idea big enough to expand into a post all by itself.
3.  Each number on a list is like a mini post. Together, they are a complete post.
3.5 It's nice because the individual thoughts can be connected, or they can not be.
4. I have so many in, a LOT.
5. "A lot" is two words. Not one. It's not alot, it's a    LOT. Like that.
6. "It's" means "it is". Not possessive, that would be "its".
7. It seems I may have a bit of a grammar pet peeve. I did not know this.
8. There is a bug going around over here (told you the thoughts didn't have to be connected). I have caught it, and I intend to squash it on behalf of the rest of humanity.
9. I like M&M's.
10.Also, I like sunshine. Those two MIGHT be connected.
11. Should I stop?
12. Naaaahh
13.I have discovered (or rather, my father discovered) the CUTEST little ice cream parlor! Actually, it's (as in IT IS) frozen yogurt, but I failed to detect any yogurt-y flavor in there. It tasted like ice cream. Therefore, I'm dubbing it ice cream. And when I said little, I meant, little. I can't wait to go there again when I don't have a cold, and take some pictures! Also, I just might eat some of that ice cream-yogurt-whatever-tastiness. It's all self-serve. There are only three flavors, so you don't have any difficult, life-changing decisions and hold up the line. BUT there is a spinny thing where you put toppings on, and THAT is where holding up the line over hard, life-changing decisions comes in. They. Have. Everything! There's even a jar called the everything jar that's full of mixed-up, well, everything!!
14. I just developed a craving for frozen yogurt.
15. As SOON as I get rid of this bug I am going over there! To take pictures, of course. I didn't really go into detailed description of what the place itself looks like, other than 'little'. I'll let the pictures say it all.
16. Is it Summer yet?!
17. Is it MAY yet?!
18. There are some exciting happenings coming up in May. They have me excited. If you can imagine that...
19. And now there is one list item for every child in the Duggar Family. Ever heard ofthem? Click here to meet all 21 of them!

Be Thankful, Sarah

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Chasity Simmons said...

I can't wait for May. And coming to WASHINGTON! Have you guys figured out the book we'll be studying and verses to memorise for the youth rally? I'm sooooo excited!!! =D