Friday, March 16, 2012

You can blame this on Finals:

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Be Thankful, Sarah


DJ Wilson said...

oh my gosh these were hilarious!

How in the world did that fishing guy fail so badly every single time?

Was it fake?? haha

Loved the one with the kids. Reminds me of my family several years ago when we were all younger haha.

Sarah said...

Nope, those were real bloopers for some fishing sow I've never seen :) And if you have some time to kill on youtube, like I don't, check out Kid History episodes! Episode three is a favorite of mine :D

Sierra said...

Oh yeah I'm totally the eldest girl :P Or maybe in their eyes...hahahaa. I loved those bloopers! Especially the ones where the rod broke and the last one. They are sooooo funny. Thanks for sharing! Sierra
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