Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bubonic plague and other historic moments

You may have been wondering where I've been.
Or maybe you haven't.
Regardless, I haven't exactly posting like clockwork. Not that I usually do....
Not that I have any conviction to change that fact...
Is there a bug going around in your corner of the world? There is in mine.
We had a mini epidemic. Everybody in our family got except Dad.
SO we did our share to try and squash the bug.
I'm still recovering, but it was really a forced recovery, because there are two classes I really can't afford to skip.
So Saturday I was having suicidal thoughts (not really, that was just an expression. Calm down.), Sunday I missed church, and Monday skipped till 11, when I had a test review. Tuesday night I got the best night's sleep in...
Wait! That was only four days?? Hmm...seemed like way longer.
So Tuesday I really started getting better and now I'm reduced to an aggravating cough.

Now. Since we got those gripping details out of the way:
 Since I last left you
1) Mom came home. Just in time for the epidemic to start with Emma.
2) I learned how to use a table saw and chop saw
3) I still have all my fingers

5) Mykah, Leah, Me, Bekah and Mom got the plague (in that order)

Only five? I thought there were more...I mean it's been, like 9 days since I posted...
So on that note:

Be thankful,

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