Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So far, so good...

Made it past Easter Sunday!
* self back-pat*
5 days down, 2 to go.

I (we) have survived without Mom so far! (Just barely, Mom. We still need you!)
I came home Friday with no homework, made some mashed potatoes worthy of honorable mention, and asparagus that could have baked a little longer. Oh well, it was the first time I made...they let me stay. And Dad cooked one of the best hams we've ever eaten. So, the first day went without a hitch.
Easter Sunday was the main concern, so Saturday was the big prep day.
I stayed home with the girls, and we got the house clean, baths done, dinner taken care of, clothes and nails ready, and STILL managed to enjoy the warmth radiating from the sky!
What do they call that again?? Oh yeah-'s been a while.

^^ Easter morning, hair prep complete^^
Those are rollers you sleep in. Some of you might remember those...

^^Finished product^^
Not the best quality...someday I'll have a nice camera that will take good pictures for me.

^^The fun part^^
Come to find out, I enjoy doing nails.
Go figure.
And we had sunshine on Easter for the first time in a while!
Or as we call it, Ressurection Sunday.

Next occasion of concern: Bekah's birthday.
____teen years ago on that day, I entered sisterhood for the first time.
Thankyou Lord, for an organizer, a helper, someone I can depend on, a resposible worker who remembers everything! For a pal, a teacher, a fellow horse-lover.
Thankyou Lord! You knew exactly what I needed!

Actually, there was an occasion of concern before that.
Everybody went clamming.
Except me.
We wont talk about that too much.
Actually, I'm kinda glad I couldn't go (school).
I was tiiired. And as soon as they were sent off (at 6:30 a.m.) I went back to bed till 8.
Got a ride with Mrs. Stephen at 10, cuz I dont have class till 11 this quarter (can I have an 'amen'?)!

Today and tomorrow are in progress, and I think we are etching out a motherless existence rather nicely.
But will I be glad when she's back.
Be thankful (for mom's),

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