Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Football. The European kind.

Soccer started yesterday!
Well, actually it started LAST Monday, but everybody at my house was sick, so we started last night.
This will probably be my last "season". I'll be too old after this.
And technically, this is when the baseball division of the homeschool coop is supposed to start up, but more people like soccer, so baseball was replaced, and I am glad.

Minus Kyle and Jacob, there were all new faces last night. That includes the coach.
The last couple years we've had a short hispanic guy named Roule.
That may or may not be correct spelling...
Despite the fact that English is not his first language and he some how got it into his head that my name is Renee, we all really like him. And we're gonna miss him, cuz he's moving back to California.

Sad day.

This guy actually trained some people who are famous in the soccer world today.
The new coach(es) are a young couple who by self-admittance aren't exactly seasoned soccer coaches.
Aaaaand the husband like to talk.
I miss Roule.
I know nobody ever likes changes, and that makes it hard when there's a new guy, so I feel like I should give them a chance and all that.
But I don't want to.
But I need to, for my sake, as well as theirs.
So be nice, Sarah!
And last night, about half-way through, guess who showed up!
Roule! (Maybe it's Rowule...does anybody know??)
He'll be helpin' out the new couple off and on for a couple of weeks till he moves.
So he's not gone yet!
I'm glad.
Last night he showed me how to do this little flip-the-ball-in-the-air-magically-with-your-toe-and-kick-it-mid-air-thing.

No...not like that.....

Yeah, more like that.
Made me feel a lot more professional than I am.
But not as professional as Ben.
 Ben is a slightly nerdy-looking tan kid with glasses (this IS a homeschool group) who's kinda quiet. Looks like the bookish type.
Watch out for quiet kids.
That guy is good.
He was defense on the opposite team, and I was offense.
I lost count of how many times he stole that ball right out from under me!
And he even did one of those crazy cool head-shot things you see in die-hard soccer movies.
He didn't just hit the ball with his head to get it away from the opponents.
He actaully almost scored a stinkin' GOAL with his head!
I want him on MY team next week.

I love soccer.
Be Thankful, Sarah

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