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July 21                                                                                                            Haniak, Wewak

I’m surprised how easy it is to let the days pile up. And I want a pencil…
ok. Let’s go back to Monday…which just so happened to be my birthday. I think that was the morning Jeannie made this oven omelet thing that looked like a lemon meringue pie. And before I forget, here’s the past few days dinner menuJ:

Saturday-PNG top ramen (known as Maggi noodles) and cucumber salad

Sunday- chicken spaghetti and cucumber

Monday-crab, pasta salad and (homemade) French bread

Tuesday- Gumbo

Wednesday- Eggrolls and cabbage soup

Everything has been YUMMY. Also, music plus laughing equals yummy.

So. Monday. They got me a Meri blouse {the type of shirt all the girls wear here}!
They basically look like this, and can be all different lengths.

Oh! Here's my aunt wearing the one they gave me. Again, that's about as short as they get, and they can be ankle-length.

I think I like it…it doesn’t matter what you look like here. Jeannie was trying to convince me that they’re in style. We went to visit Demaris and we talked a little. Then I took William outside with a plastic bat and a whiffle ball. I started showing him how to stand and hold the bat (as best as I know) and three other kids were watching. I asked them if they wanted to play and long story short, other kids joined us and we played a pretty much full game of baseball. I sweated buckets. I looked like Joey. I CANNOT imagine being wet like that all day long.  And he is! My hat’s off to him. I wonder if he knows that. He knows I like him even though I’m mean and argue but I wonder if he knows how much respect I have for him. I never heard his testimony before and last night he told his complete family history. WOW.
 Any who… that was the day we had crab quesadillas for lunch.  I was originally thinking I might lose some weight on this trip but now I’m thinking NOT. Insert tonight’s dinner: Cheesy potato and ham casserole and zucchini. I’m starting to take naps too. If I do anything besides hang around the house I get tired.

Tuesday I went with Jeannie to Anna’s house and when we got back helped Joey fill in a hole with sand. I slept like a rock. We went for a little walk on Wednesday and I took a nap with William. Today we took Demaris with us to town so she could catch her boat back to school. Did I tell about what she got me? She bought be a “basket”. It’s a grass woven bag with tassels and stuff. She’s pretty nice. I wish we could hang out more. There’s still Mirriam and Benedicta. After we got some stuff from the market we had lunch at a nice hotel and swam. It was cloudy and it rained but it still felt AWESOME.  They go there every Thursday, so that will be nice.

Tonight, after dinner, I went with Amy to pastor Willie’s to see if we could help their sick baby. He has some phlegm that needs to come up. But when Amy picked him up he was smiley and talking. Oh, man. He was SO.CUTE. I REALLY wanted to hold him but I wasn’t sure if I should ask or not. Anyway, I think I’m about caught up now. I’m starting to pick up on some of the pidgin if they are slow and clear. And I’m not noticing the heat Like I was. So glad I’m here J

               Sunday, July 24                                                                                             Haniak

With all this rain, I’m feeling right at home. Friday morning we went over to Willie’s house and scraped a couple coconuts. We also saw his cocoa beans before and after drying. IF you ever thought it’d be cool to live by a factory where they roast cocoa beans for chocolate, think again. They REEK. And then they dry them and it’s cool.

Joey went that afternoon to a volleyball game…I should have gone to socialize. I justified myself by helping Amy with pizza toppings and I’m not going to say anything about the pepperoni. Yes, we had homemade pizza. What stunk was that I didn’t feel very god. My weak white stomach can’t handle much. We watched August rush that night. Pretty neat besides the whole “parents are stupid” thing. Saturday…what happened Saturday…? I know we had tacos for dinner and we watched unstoppable. Oh yeah! We had a ladies’ thing. Amy said they like me because I’m dark(er than her).I didn’t catch much of the pidgin. At our ladies’ thing, everybody grabs a napkin and a piece of whatever they want. Here, they evenly distribute everything. So I got 6 pieces of banana cake and 4 pieces of pumpkin cake.  William got most of it. We were going to go see the falls and we didn’t…I think because it was wet…no, because we needed a guide. So we went and drove to a valley and saw a school and a haus sik. Took some boys for the ride: I’m still not sure why. When we went down to the girls dorms, they went NUTs over Juliette. I don’t think she likes being a celebrity. I got some pictures of the dorms. They’re just long bamboo huts with dirt floors and curtains over the doors. And that was the school with government funding.
More to come...
Be Thankful, Sarah

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