Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are you sick of the PNG journal yet?

Monday, July 25

We were going to go to the falls today, but it rained too much and the hike would have been to hard (with the mud). It rained most of yesterday too. I went to Joey’s Sunday school class this week. I’m talking in Jr. church next week. In the afternoon it POURED, and all the kids were yelling and sliding around in the mud. I took a stinkin’ nap. I guess there’s not much to tell about yesterday. I’m going to see if I can bug Joey…

               Wednesday July 27

Jeannie’s flight left this morning at six or so. Monday night we went to Willie’s for dinner. We brought curry chicken and rice, and they cooked chicken with cabbage and taro. IT was pretty good. I wasn’t dying for more but it wasn’t yucky.

Jeannie made a chocolate cake and we watched home videos of Willie’s trip in the states. On THEIR TV. They have a TV. I thought that was a little wild. The Tuesday morning we packed up and headed to town. WE dropped off stuff at SIL (the guest house) and grabbed swim clothes. We got some snack stuff in town for lunch and went to Wom beach. It. Was. Beautiful. I got pictures. And videos.

There was a star fish and an anemones and fish and TINY adorable hermit crabs.

The water was kind of salty (obviously) and a little bitter. I’ve been to the ocean before and I don’t remember bitter. Any way, it was fun. A nice vacation day. Unrealistic, but nice. I got a nice tan line. We all rode in the back back of the truck on the way back (except Amy and obviously Joey).

While waiting for my turn in the shower, I climbed a tree outside. It’s a pretty cool tree. It seems kinda stupid to describe it when I got pictures.

 For dinner we dressed up (sorta) and went to the hotel we swam at last week for dinner.

 It was $20 a plate, roughly, but it was worth it. I had steamed fish with ginger and garlic and soy sauce, plus steamed rice and vegetable. Very good, and I didn’t even finish it. For desert we split a bowl of chili chocolate soup. That sounds disgusting, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought. But it was good. Let me rephrase that. It was GOOD. Insert a beautiful ocean sunset and palm trees and you have my evening. Now I’m sweating back in reality, but it was a nice break. When we got back from dinner we looked at pictures and said goodbye to Jeannie. She left with Joey at 4 am. I was sleeping. But I shared a room with William who was convinced at 5 that the porch lights were the sun coming up and relentlessly announced this, so by 6 I decided it was pointless to stay in bed. Saw a nice sunrise when the sun DID come up. Joey got a bunch of fish and crabs while Amy and I packed up. Saw a white teenage boy :D He wasn’t even that cute but he was white! Haven’t seen one of those for a while. We went to Talio’s (another hotel) for lunch on the beach and I quick dip. Then a nice, long sweaty drive back to the house. I decided that what I thought was a tan line is partially a burn line, but it’s all the sweaty same.

               Friday, July 29                                                                               

The days are starting to run together. Not a whole lot of exciting stuff has been going on since Jeannie left, which is perfectly fine by me. Wednesday night singing was a little off. Amy had a bad headache and didn’t come down to lead with her guitar. Wednesday night there is basically prayer meeting. It is COOL to listen to a murmur of voices all talking in a different language praying to my God. Just, COOL. Afterward some ladies talked to me and tried to help me learn some Pidgin. Awkward.  When Joey gave a couple of other ladies a ride home (some of them live a few minutes away), some kids hopped in the back for the ride and I joined them. Not too awkward. I’m learning names and faces and getting comfortable with them. So that was fun. Joey steamed fish for dinner with ginger and soy sauce like at the hotel and it was good!

Thursday we all took it easy. Had a really late light breakfast, hung up some laundry, watched Joey clean a bunch of huge crabs, snacked and dipped in melted butter for lunch. Went to give Willie a couple of crabs cuz Joey was tired of cleaning them and we watched some guys roasting cocoa beans and sewing them up in sacks. Willie cooked a breadfruit for us. It was not at all what I expected breadfruit to be. It first looks like a giant green tennis ball, then they through it in the fire for about 15 minutes. Then you pick through the charcoal and green mush for nuts a little bigger than walnuts and more banana shaped than round. You unpeel them and they taste like warm, tiny baked potatoes. Good, but not what I’d call fruit. After that we walked a little farther down the road to Cumulus’s house. As soon as we got there, it commenced to poor heavy rain for about seven minutes. Then the mud was the only evidence there had ever been a cloud in the sky. When we went back, we had banana and peanut butter smoothies and pineapple for dinner J. Later we watched return of the man from snowy river. I got the cutest video of William watching the horses run and bouncing with them with the fly swatter for his whip! This morning didn’t start too well. I got a disturbing email and was informed through instant messenger that I would be limited to one cup of coffee a week. Things looked up after breakfast though. I helped with some laundry and got a rough draft typed out of what I want to say Sunday. Watched some myth buster over lunch. Practiced saying what I typed, showed it to Joey. Had pasta Bianca for dinner (fish and garlic noodles). Watched One night with the king, talked, journaled, am going to sleep.
PNG nursery-No really, there's a baby in there.

Even MORE to come...
Be Thankful, Sarah

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