Tuesday, May 22, 2012

missions conference high

Constantly taking turns.
Little ones and big ones.
I am so glad I have the Saviour to stear me right!
(How do lost people do it?)
They don't. They crash and burn.

Sunday night we finished off our missions conference.
It was awesome.
I'm finally getting better at taking notes, so I got a lot more recorded this time.

So have you heard this guy before?

I don't agree with everything he says 100%, but pretty close. Maybe like, 97%. There's some truth to what he says. I got a spiritual high during the missions conference. It was good! I got convicted, and I want to change how I live my life! But if all it is is a good feeling that lasts about (he nailed it) three days, my life isn't going to change. Cuz my life is more than three day increments.
Now it's time to take the feeling to the next level and make it ACTION.
By the way. Today is the third day since the end of the missions conference. What's gonna happen tomorrow when the "good feeling" is gone? Am I going to read my Bible and pray? Or am I gonna sleep in a little longer, because I just dont FEEL like getting up?
I don't know.
How about you?
Be Thankful,
Ps. By the way, since I took notes, I have a ton of stuff to post on my other blog (Diggin' For Nuggets), hopefully I'll have it up soon!

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