Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ah, I have missed you!

1. I really like blogging.
2. I like having TIME to blog even better.
3.As soon as the missions conference was over we had the youth rally (AWESOME!!!), which was mixed with no time to study for that test I had yesterday.
                List the 2nd:
1. Memorial day was Monday. Thank you for dieing for me!

2. Monday coincided with Emma's birthday!

Please recognize that this is an outdated picture, and misrepresents the birthday girl as a mere seven year old. She's eight now.

3. Lastly and leastly, Monday was my very last soccer night. It was the last of the season, and it was my last season. Next year I'll have to go as an assistant coach to the four and five year olds, if I wanna play. And not to say I'm a great player or anything, but I cant say that would be much of a challenge. I would say they should have soccer in college, but I'm two weeks from being DONE with college, for the foreseeable future, and they DO have soccer. They do this three on three thing now and again. 'Member how I said I'm not that good of a player?

4. (Did I say last? I lied.) I finally decided on and ordered my graduation announcements. It was the only one where I could include my gun picture! That was the clincher for me. By the way, next time you graduate,  go to or something like that and make your announcements. They have nice ones, you can customize to your heart's content, and their prices are decent.
5. I'm so glad school is almost done...forever!!! This summer I will get to be assistant counsellor and go to my last year of teen camp. I also have a possible summer job babysitting. Like, not just for the night. Like, all day monday thru Friday. I'll letcha know how that goes!

Be Thankful, Sarah

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Aidyl Ewoh said...

Well Happy Birthday to Emma!