Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A different kind of education....

Ladies and Gentleman,
I have officially begun living the education-free life.
Now watch how many comments I get about how life is an educating experience and you don't stop learning till you stop breathing.

I guess I'll rephrase that to prevent a comment onslaught. I graduated from highschool.
Nevermind, I like comment onslaughts.
I must say the ceremony was kinda disapointing. Ya get all dressed up in your best dress, and do your hair all nice, and then you cover it up with a cap and gown.

Seemed rather pointless...

I was told that two hours is a very moderate time for a commencement ceremony, but with the humidity and a hunger headache, it seemed much longer than that. It was mostly boring, but there was one guy who had a decent and entertaining speech. He quoted Dr. Suess. There was also a lady who had graduated in '98 from the college and started off her speech with " Your parents DONT always know what's best for you." Right then my friend Mariah and I looked at each other, shook our heads and proceeded to disregard the rest of her speech. She was talking about the fact that she was a famous opra singer because she went against her parents' wishes for her to become a doctor. I see where she was going  but the principle of the whole thing is off.
Any way....
This was at the beginning, when we were marching, and the cameras were everywhere.

These people's expression give a more acurate impression.
And we didn't get to do this!! ^^ Dude, the hats are the best part of the whole operation, how could you skip that??

Eventually I actually got my diploma...cover.

I know ya can't see me, but I'm walkin down the front about to shake the presidents (of the college) hand.

Hey! Did you know my Dad's middle name is Kirk?
It's a great name....

At this point we're all hot and sweaty, tired and starving.
We went to a fellow graudate's home for a party, including pulled-pork sandwiches and the ever-tasty nacho dip! It was awesome.
Did you know you can play tetris on the WII?? I didn't.
Now I do.
Learn somethin' new everyday!

That night, I slept from 9:30 to 7:30.
Do you know how long it's been since I slept that much all at one?
Me neither.
The next morning was the day of my grad party. My dad had invited the entire church, plus nearby relatives.
I'm not sure what the final head count was, but I just finished writing 32 thankyou-cards. So, with kids I'm gonna guess around 70 people.
But the beauty of an open house is they dont all flood in at once...in theory.
 Unfortunely I was too busy talking to all the awesome people I know and eating my parent's (both of them) amazing cooking, and I forgot to take pictures, which I deeply regret.
The pictures part, not the eating part.

So all I have is this:
I think he's cute, so there.
Oh, and also THIS:
THIS is a prime example of Jeannie's culinary talent. She used to make this cake all the time at a restaurant she worked at.
 Guys, I dont even LIKE cake that much. But this chocolate cake is to die for!
Before the party even started, my friend Abigail (one of the few people I met at college that I want to mantain contact with)( She's awesome) came two hours early and helped me set up. She's an up-and-coming actress. And she's super sweet! Some day when she's super famous I'm gonna be all like " yeah, that's my buddy...I set up plastic tables and melted chocolate chips with her ".
At some point that day I carved a basket out of a watermelon! I was quite proud.
And very sticky.
I talked to a lot of people about the same thing (I dont know how many times I heard the question "so what are your plans now?"), but found that talking it out over and over again made me realise what plans I DO have, however tenative. And my church family cumulativly gave me a LOT of money. I have NEVER made that much money in one week in my life, let alone in one day!!! And I also got a kindle, a gift card to Best Buy ( I got a cool kindle cover!) and a beautiful music/jewelry box.
I love my church family....
I was pretty tired at the end of the day, but it was a GOOD tired.
A happy tired.
A relaxed kind of exaughstion, if that makes any sense. I haven't felt that kind of tired for a long time.

Kinda like that....
And the next morning I woke up to an education-free life.

Sorry about the length of this post.
But now that I got that out of the way,  I will hopefully be able to have fun with posts, instead of desperately trying to prove that I still exist every 15 days...

Okeedokee then...I'm ready to start on the next kind of education.

Whats next, Lord?
Be Thankful,


Sunny Jane said...

Congratulations, Sarah! So... what are your plans now? JK! :) Don't sweat what comes next. God has it all figured out. And that's my you-just-finished-school wisdom speech.

NOTW4LIFE said...

lol I love it!! I liked the pictures and the post was well done!! I been there on both side in the graduating party (class) as well as the guest who have to wait just as long then when its over you have to find the friend, relative, etc (whoever graduated) and go from there!! lol and as for the gifts nice.. I know for one thing I did not get that many things for my graduation! he-he but hey I got a cake lol!!

Sarah said...

Sunny Jane: My plans are to have such an awesome blog that you comment on every post! ;)
Heather: Yeah, when the ceremony was done, I was thinking "YES! Let's go eat" And I then I realised " Darn it, now I have have to find my family in this giant crowd!"

Anonymous said...

Good work, lunch buddy :P